VAN LIFE ESSENTIALS: 5 Van Life Must Haves

Today’s blog is all about Van Life Essentials!

There are 5 things we definitely couldn’t live without in our van:

  1. Aeropress & Electric Kettle

    If you’re a big coffee drinker, having an aeropress and electric kettle are game changing for making a quick, delicious coffee in the morning. The electric kettle we recommend boils water within 30-60 seconds and is great for making 2 cups of coffee. The aeropress is so easy to use, can’t break in the van and it’s super easy to clean.

  2. 12 volt Fan

    This fan is a must-have for those warm summer nights! Let’s face it, in the summertime nighttime temps can be a little too warm for great sleep. So we plug this fan in and point it directly at us to keep us cool at night.

  3. Hand Vacuum

    Having a small, portable vacuum is perfect for van life. We love this Black & Decker vacuum - has great suction and works great on small particles of sand or dog hair. We use this at least once a day to keep our floors clean.

  4. Tek Towels

    Tek towels, also known as backpacking towels, are great for living in a van because they take up way less space than a regular towel. Regular towels are bulky and big. On the other hand, tek towels are lightweight, dry quick and are space saving. We love these sea-to-summit brand towels.

  5. Sun Shade

    Last but not least is this Mercedes Sprinter Sun Shade. Not only is this sun shade great for keeping out heat due to the sun, it’s great for privacy! We put this sun shade up every night in our windshield to make sure no one can see in our van, and to make sure no one can tell when we have the lights on. During the day, this sunshade is great for blocking out the sun rays which heats the van up.