Planning Your Van Conversion Layout: 3 Tips

It's a pretty exciting time in #vanlife. 

We hear from people everyday who are planning their own van conversion and we wanted to help ease some of the growing pains by offering 3 Tips For Planning Your Van Conversion Layout.

1. What is a Priority? 

It can be easy to get carried away with all the "what-if's". 

Would it be awesome if my van had a retractable 50" flatscreen tv? 


But is that a Priority?  Hell to the no. 

Priorities are those features you will USE MOST and that are most important for what you will be doing with your van.  When we designed our layout these were a few of our top priorities. 

- Built-in Dog Crate
- Private Bathroom/Shower (Hot Showers)
- As close to King sized bed as possible
- Enough Power to work from anywhere
- Closet and Dresser for Clothing

These 5 priorities affected all of the layout options we came up with and ultimately we were able to build a super functional layout around the priorities. 

cannon beach van 1.jpg

2. See at least 5 vans in person

The van community is very collaborative. We all share layout ideas, components and cool design features with each other. Take advantage of that by seeing at least 5 different vans in person. Meetups are a great way to see other van builds and cool layout designs.

If you don’t have any meetups or vanlifers in your area then take a look at prefab models at your local RV dealerships. There are some beautiful designs that can inspire you or maybe show you what you don’t like. Try to get a feel for the space. Moving around in your van is important so see what it’s like walking through the van, entering the bathroom or even picture yourself taking a shower.

40 hours of freedom sprinter van conversion san simeon designing layout

3. Consult with an expert

Even if you decide to build your van yourself, talk with someone who has built multiple vans or builds them professionally. This can save you from making painful mistakes or spending unnecessary money on components you may not need or a design that simply isn’t possible for reasons you have yet to consider.

I have calls like this often with people interested in having us build their van and there are usually 1-2 ideas I have to tell them are just not realistic.

Looking for more help with your layout? Checkout our Van Layout Guide.


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