Van Conversion Kitchen Details


For the kitchen, we stayed with the open feel and farmhouse sink. In this build we made our kitchen less deep and long to allow for more open space in the van. We also added a tile backsplash - and no it hasn’t cracked!

Check out all the details below on what we used as well as some helpful tips for you van conversion.


We wanted a farmhouse sink but had a hard time finding one that wasn’t porcelain. We didn’t want to use porcelain in the van due to the likelihood that it could crack or break.

We ended up finding this bathroom vessel sink and it was exactly the farmhouse look/size we were looking for. It’s made of a matte stone, so it won’t break or crack over time!

Please note: if you buy this sink, use a tile sealer on it. It’s very porous so you can put on 4-5 coats of a tile sealer before installing in your van.

You can also sand off the Vigo logo with the piece of sandpaper they provide when you receive the sink.


Our faucet is custom made to work with our Kangen Water Machine. If you have an Enagic machine, this faucet is great to undermount your machine.

If you’re looking for a faucet that looks similar, check out a few of the styles we love below.


Our countertops are a butcher block from Lumber Liquidators. Unfortunately, they have discontinued the butcher block we used in our van conversion.

Check out these other options:

STOVE & electric kettle

We opted to just use a propane camp stove instead of doing a built-in stove. Realistically we only use the stove about 1 time per day, so we did not want to lose the countertop space for something that we only use for about 20 minutes in a full day!

For making coffee in the morning, we use this electric kettle and an aeropress. The kettle boils in less than 30 seconds and is enough water to make 2 cups of coffee.


We opted for a front loading refrigerator because of like the look of having a standard fridge. A lot of van lifers go for a “cooler” type fridge that is top loading. Just be aware if you do a top loading cooler fridge, you will need heavy duty drawer slides to be able to pull the fridge out in order to access the top.

We love our dometic CRX 65. They have discontinued the exact model we have, but you may be able to snag one here.

Isotherm is another popular brand when it comes to van conversion, however they are a bit more pricey.

FRUIT HAMMOCK & other kitchen favorites

You can’t forget this cute fruit hammock and some of our other van kitchen essentials like a garbage you can mount on the inside of a cabinet door.