Mercedes Sprinter 170 vs. Sprinter 170 Extended

The Mercedes Sprinter Van High Roof comes in three wheelbases:

  • The 144” wheelbase

  • The 170” wheelbase

  • The 170” extended wheelbase

If you’re wondering what some of the differences between the Sprinter 170” vs Sprinter 170” Extended, we’re going to break it down. We’re also going to explain the difference between the 2500 version of the Sprinter and the 3500 version of the Sprinter.

170 Sprinter 170 Extended Sprinter

Sprinter 170” Regular

  • Overall Length = 274 inches

  • Interior Length (from back of front seats to back doors) = 165 inches

  • Easier to park, navigate in cities, etc.

Sprinter 170” Extended

  • Overall Length = 289 inches

  • Interior Length (from back of front seats to back doors) = 180 inches

  • Approximately 15 inches longer inside than the regular 170

  • More room inside for extras like a bench seat for kids, bigger bathroom, more storage, etc.

The difference between the 2500 and 3500 comes down to the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) aka what the van can carry weight wise.

Sprinter 2500 GVW = 8,550 lbs

Sprinter 3500 GVW = 9,990 lbs

Looking for floor plans for the 170 and 170 extended Sprinter Van?

1801 Completed 1.jpg

Get all the dimensions and 3D renderings with floor plans for the Sprinter 170 and the Sprinter 170 extended in our Van Layout Guide.


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