Sprinter Van Bathroom Tour

"How do you go to the bathroom in your van?". 

We hear that question quite a bit. When designing our van we really had to prioritize what was important for us to have in our tiny home on wheels

First, we had to decide what was acceptable do to/not to do in the van. 

We decided #1 was ok... but #2 was no go. 

There are always plenty of public restrooms or a Starbucks you can find to go #2.  

Why no #2?  We did not want to have a Black Water system as we both felt there was a chemical odor that you just can't avoid. Compostable toilets are very popular right now but they also require some substantial maintenance to keep them operating correctly and in the end, you still have to remove the "humus like" substance from a container under your toilet.  No thanks. 

What toilet did we choose?

Inspired by @GratefulPursuits we installed a Urine Diverting Toilet by Separett. We ordered the, Privy 500, base model and did some modifications ourselves to add a regular toilet seat. The great thing about this model is that the pee goes down the tube and into our tank so we don't have to deal with anything until we are ready to empty our grey water tank. 

Yes, we have a shower.

Another element to our bathroom that we knew was a must on our list was a shower.  You can see a full list the equipment we used to build our shower including our water tanks, pumps and shower door by clicking here