SOLO FEMALE VAN TOUR | Divine on the Road's Transit Van Conversion

Wondering what it’s like to be a solo female traveller?

We were lucky enough to have Sydney from Divine on the Road stop by our van conversion shop in San Diego with her new van. She gave us a full tour of her 2017 148” wheelbase Transit Van.

Not only that, but she shared some great tips on solo female van life, and how she stays safe while traveling alone.

This is her second van conversion - her first van was a 144” Sprinter Van that she had converted by the same builders who built this transit van. She decided to go with a Transit van this time due to quite a few mechanical issues she had with her Mercedes Sprinter due to poor maintenance from the previous owner.

For her, the Transit van was a more affordable option the second time around, and she’s super happy with her decision. Not only that but her van conversion is gorgeous!

You can follow Sydney and her pup Ella on their Instagram @divineontheroad