OUR NEXT PHASE: We Bought A House! | SunTrust 21 Day Challenge #bestlifechallenge

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We have pretty big news to share about our next phase...

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We bought a shop and a house!

Transitioning from #vanlife to “house life” is something we’ve been planning for awhile. When we first started van life 2 years ago we knew it wasn’t a forever thing. At the time, we wanted to be able to travel, spend time together and inspire others to go after their dreams so van life made total sense.

Now with our little boy on the way, we felt ready to settle down and move into our next phase.

One of the things that is most important to us is still being able to grow our van conversion business, so we needed to find a property with a shop that we could continue to build out high quality, custom vans.

It just so happens that the property we found has the perfect shop and a beautiful house! We couldn’t be more excited to start this next phase and move to Boise in June.

One of the things that prepared us the most for this transition was the ability to save money for the last 2 years while living van life. We didn’t go into van life just living off of our savings – we were able to make money while we were on the road so we could prepare for life after living in a van.

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Tips for Preparing for Van Life

  • Make a budget for your van build

    • How much money do you have to allocate towards your van build?

    • Where can you save money?

    • What items are a must have for your van?

    • What can you sell now to put toward your van build?

  • Make a budget for life on the road

    • Will you have a payment on your van?

    • What will your insurance cost?

    • How much will you spend on gas/food/etc.?

    • Will you use travel perks from your credit card?

Living Your #BestLife On The Road

Living your best life often goes hand in hand with financial confidence. There’s nothing worse than being stressed out about money, so preparing yourself for travel and life on the road is crucial to living your best life.

  • Make a plan for being able to make and save money while on the road

    • How can you plan for life after van life?

    • What can you do for work on the road?

    • How much money do you want to be able to save monthly?

  • Get the tools and resources you need to live your best life

    • Jump start your planning by joining us in the 21 Day #bestlifechallenge with SunTrust!

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