Buying a New Mercedes Sprinter Van For Conversion

We’re purchasing another Sprinter and this time we decided to buy Brand Spanking NEW!

We purchased our first Sprinter in January 2017. It was a 2008 170 Dodge Passenger Sprinter with about 50K Miles on it. We lucked into finding it as a local dealership in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho and it was the perfect van for us to test the conversion process and the lifestyle.


After selling that van in March 2018 we purchased our next Sprinter 2 days later. We found a beautiful 2014 170 Mercedes Cargo Sprinter from Mercedes of Laguna Nigel. Again we were lucky to find it with only 45K miles.


After selling that van in January 2019, buying a house and shop and settling in Idaho it’s finally time for us to get our next van.

This time we had one major change we wanted to make with the van… 4x4!

Now that we live in a cold weather climate we want to make sure we have what we need to travel safely to the mountains in the winter.

4x4 Sprinters are Expensive!

The market on Sprinters in general is really high right now. The are in demand and due to some recent backlog of inventory as production has shifted to the new factor in South Carolina, the number of 4x4 Sprinters on the market is pretty small.

You can find used models from the 2014-2018 body style for sale with around 50K miles that are still selling for about $50-60K!

After weighing these options and doing our research we decided that it made more sense financially to purchase a brand new van.

Building the Van We Want

By purchasing a brand new van we also have the ability to customize it! We were able to add features like heated leatherette seats, 360 Degree Parking Cam and the soft open and close sliding door. See below for a full list of the features we selected.

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