Vanlife Essentials: How We Stay Cool & More

It doesn't take long to realize what you can't live without in Vanlife.

So we've added a few items to our Vanlife Essentials list to help you fellow travelers live a better life on the road. 

This little "Air Conditioner" has made a huge difference for us on really hot days in the van.  It's not by any means a full blown air conditioner but it will provide some relief and cool down your van.

This has been a fixture in each of our builds.  Part charging station and part functional switches for 12v components like water pumps or ball valves. 

We try to leave a small footprint and love these razors that keep us from constantly burning through disposable razors.  

Life Changing!  This fully biodegradable and non-toxic tank treatment has made a huge difference in our grey water holding tanks. 

These are just FUN!  Toys for the road make the adventure that much more fun.